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What causes bed bugs? How might they spread? Learn more about how you might be able to stop a bed bug infestation before it starts.  As the name indicates, bed bugs are often found in close proximity to beds. They are attracted to and feed on warm-blooded animals to survive. This can be humans or animals, but little is known about what causes bed bugs to have a preference for humans. They are also attracted to carbon dioxide which makes it attracted to our beds.

Learn how to get rid of bed bugs yourself in your home

Bed bugs are small in size, allowing them to hide easily from view during the day when they are not active making them nocturnal.

Bed bugs fumigation and control services prices in Nairobi Kenya

CRAWLING PEST (bed bug, roaches, ants, spider, flea14500.00
FLYING PEST( mosquitoes, bees, bats, wasp, flys, month
RODENTS (rats, mice, squirrels, moles, snakes
Per square meter25.00

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They hide in mattresses, bed frames, bedding, furniture, carpets, baseboards and bedroom clutter. They are most commonly found in the seams of mattresses or inside box springs. Bedrooms are not the only place where bed bugs can be a concern though


Bed bugs often look for human hosts who are inactive long enough to provide a meal. Their feeding habits doesn’t have to be at night. They will feed opportunistically, whenever opportunity arise and can go up to one year after feeding depending on female bed bug can lay 200-250 eggs hatch in 6-10 days and  the nymph bed bug will go out to find its first meal in order to molt to the next stage.

Where else might bed bugs find and feed on you? Sitting for two hours in a movie theater while being distracted by adventure and popcorn? You could become an extra-large drink for a bed bug. Maybe the movie is enjoyed (or possibly slept through) in that favorite recliner in the living room. You could be a target. Have a long cab ride into the office? You get the idea. Any place that humans sit, rest or sleep can be a place that bed bugs are introduced or feed.


Bed bugs are consummate hitchhikers. In fact, they are primarily transported by humans and human belongings like suitcases. If bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs are discovered, leave the area and call a qualified pest management professional to assist. Bed bugs will move to other areas when they are disturbed. This may cause other areas to be infested that may be much more difficult to inspect or treat.


Bed bug bite reactions in skin look similar to those caused by fleas and mosquitoes. Telling which insect caused a bite might not be possible.

Look for these signs of symptoms of a bed bug.

  • Raised, red welts
  • Burning and itching
  • Bed bug bite rash across a localized area
  • Straight lines of multiple bites

Humans have lived with bed bugs since the earliest days of our existence, or more correctly stated, bed bugs have lived with humans. Since bed bugs are human parasites, our survival is critical to theirs. This may be one of the reasons bed bugs have not been known to transmit diseases to humans. It would not be in the best interest of the bed bug to carry or introduce anything into the food supply that could cause the supply to disappear.

However, while they have not yet been shown to transmit diseases through feeding activities, there may still be health risks associated with bed bugs. They can be responsible for health issues that range from mild to very serious.


The most common health issue is related to the itching that often comes along with bed bug bites. Many people experience red bumps or welts on their skin within a couple of days of a bed bug attack. In some cases, the reaction may take up to a week or two, and some people do not react at all. The bumps or welts look very similar to a mosquito bite but tend to stay with the afflicted person much longer, often two weeks or more. These bites can itch incessantly, and scratching is inevitable. That is where the danger comes in.

Excessive scratching can cause damage to the skin that may allow the introduction of organisms of infection, some of them very dangerous. Taking reasonable care and controlling the urge to scratch can prevent more serious reactions, but if there is any indication of infection – such as persistent redness or other common indicators – you should consult a doctor for an evaluation.

Beyond some of the health risks associated with bed bugs, the question still remains: “Are bed bugs dangerous?” They can certainly cause disruption in your life. Loss of sleep, taking care of bites, treatment costs and other distractive issues related to bed bugs can take a toll on anyone. Some of these issues are just inconvenient while others can become very dangerous, especially if they affect your job performance, driving safety or other things in life that require alertness and your full attention


Do you have bed bugs in your home? Bed bugs were once a common public health pest worldwide, but declined in incidence through the mid 20th century. However, bed bugs have undergone a dramatic, worldwide resurgence since they have now evolved resistance to common insecticides. Bed bugs are one of the great travelers of the world and are readily transported via luggage, clothing, bedding, and furniture. To get rid of bed bugs, act at the first signs of infestation and use an integrated pest management approach involving prevention, sanitation, and chemical treatment. Bed bugs can be persistent, so you’ll need to demonstrate a greater level of persistence if you want to eliminate them a treatment by a professional pest control company may not be in your budget or work with your schedule. Luckily, GM pest control services has spent a fortune on research and ways of exterminating the pest once and for all. We use steam vapor and environmental friendly chemicals. Click on the link to make a booking with us. Find our services costs for bed bugs fumigation.

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