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Bed Bugs Control

Did you know we can eliminate bed bugs in one single visit? If you’re tired of the itching, bites, and discomfort bed bugs cause for your family, we can help. The GM fumigation Bug Killers approach to bed bug control in Nairobi,  safely eliminate every last bed bug in your home! Before any treatment is performed,  we evaluate the property to assess your bed bug infestation.

Our bed bug exterminators will have your bed bug problem resolved within one day, in most cases. This level of treatment and service allows us to minimize your inconvenience while guarantying the safe eradication of your bed bug infestation. Relocating to a new house won’t help.

Cockroaches Control Services

After a thorough inspection, we give you a detailed explanation of how bad the infestation is. Oh, and not just that, we even identify the ‘type’ of cockroach so we can devise an even stronger plan for their eradication.

After that we tell you what solution we plan to implement and then go ahead with the same. And there, it’s all taken care of, as easy as that!

Finally, let’s address that concern hiding at the back on your mind in telling you that yes, it is possible for the treatment to be 100% effective and 100% safe. Our products are effective and eradicate the problem while keeping the health of you and your family, foremost.

Termites Control Services

We offer termite control services to property owners, homes and businesses. Termites are widely regarded as a damaging pest to have in your home or business. Termites can literally eat through a home. It is only a timely intervention from a reputable termite pest control company that carries out a termite inspection to treat the infestation and minimise the damage.

During an inspection will use the latest technology and tools. We will check your walls , skirting boards , architraves , window frames, subfloor, roof cavity, landscaped timbers , fenceline and any suspicious trees. Upon completion we will use eco friendly products to eliminate the teermites.

Snakes Control Services

It must be stressed that snakes in or around the home could put you or your family at risk. If you need snake removal in Nairobi or anywhere around Kenya, please call the professionals at GM Fumigation. We make it our mission to deal with invasive serpents in a swift and safe manner. Call us  today should you have any questions about our services.

Mosquitos Control Services

We are responsible for efficient mosquito control service. We make sure you can visit and roam around your house without having a fear of being bitten by mosquito. Our pest control experts will help with all the circumstances in your property with a detailed site inspection of potential breeding area. We follow standard techniques and methods to make your place free from mosquitoes.

Ant Control Services

Our Extermination Services will quickly get rid of ants. We understand that ants can be nuisance that is why we have invested proper techniques and equipment to help our clients exterminate this pest completely. We first investigate the type of ant so that we use the most effective chemical to destroy them. We use eco friendly products that cannot harm you or your family.

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