Our Policies

i. Quality control and management
This was designed with the objective of ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the quality of both the work achieved in the construction stage and with the finished product

ii. Safety and health policy
The industry, in which all our business operates, poses significant health and safety challenges but we must not accept that people will inevitably be injured whirst working for us or with us. Our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries through the effective management of safety in all our operations.
We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, sub-contractors and members of the general public are highly observed.

iii. Environmental policy
We are committed to minimizing where reasonably practicable, our impact on the natural environment and social surrounding for the benefit of current and future generation by continually improving our environmental performance.
The organization has vast experience working with the sustainable construction rules in Kenya with numerous developments requiring compliance.

iv. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Construction is a force progress and improvement. Through our building and civil projects we have been able to foster growth but we also seek to do this through more social and dedicated projects with policies like obtaining local labour primarily from host communities and retaining supply and sub-contractor jobs for local businesses. We directly adds to the community economy and we have also delivered community and corporate social Responsibilities projects such as technical training to unskilled in communities, providing financial aids and doing pro-bono rehabilitations on civil buildings.

What is Special About Our Services ?

1. Relationship
We have a deliberate policy of building a long term value added relationship with our clients. We ensure that we;

    •  Understand our clients, their businesses and vision
    • Work with the client in reviewing and improving their processes to ensure we are able to achieve our mutual objectives
    • Our organization is deliberately small so as to ensure that we nimble and responsive to our clients needs and aspirations

We have chosen to specialize on our core competencies in:

  • Fumigation and pest control services
  • Compressive Cleaning services
  • Garbage management, ground maintenance
  • General Supplies
  • Sanitary services

2. Advantages of Retaining a firm

  •  Competitive costs
  •  Quality, reliable, efficient and effective services.
  • Fast and responsive to client’s need
    We are very optimistic that we can be able to bring positive changes in your organization and look forward to your positive consideration