Green Leaf


Active Ingredient

Fipronil 0.005%

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An insecticide is a substance used to kill insects cockroach. They include ovicides and larvicides used against insect eggs and larvae, respectively. Insecticides are used in agriculture, medicine, industry and by consumers

Our insecticides control many sucking and chewing pests, penetrate the leaf’s surface, and eliminates pests within 24 hours, establish a reservoir of product within the leaf due to trans-stemic movement, resulting in long residual control. They are highly compatible with Integrated Pest Management programs.

Use Method:

Divide one pack powder into 3 or 4 parts and locate them on the place where Cockroaches are found.The total Cockroaches will be killed by infecting in three days after eating the powder The significant effect can last three months. The powder has special efficacy to kill the Blattella germanica. Warn:

  1. Keep it out of reach of childeren.
  2. Never eat this product.
  3. Keep these powder in your place for at least 3-7 days to make killing cockroach more effect. Package include:10pcs cockroach killer


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35g, 5g, 250g, 10g

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