House flies Control Services

GM pest control services understand that flies can cause so much embarrassment in our homes and office. We provide our services in Nairobi,Kiambu and Machakos but not limited in any part of the country. Our technician have studied about its life cycle and its nature. First we have to investigate the level of infestation and put in our chemicals that can be though spraying or fogging. We then advice on ways to reduce or control the flies. We also apply traps and special detergent as the insect are not attracted to scent.

GM pest control services insist on proper hygiene and proper disposal of leftover food as this is seen to be the breeding site for house flies. When you discover few house flies in your homes and office we advise that you quickly contact a professional as house fly breed very fast and in a few weeks they would probably be in hundreds.GM services is your number one guarantee of a free space environment.

House flies can be a big nuisance to anyone and their constant buzzing around can really get on your nerves. For businesses, particularly those in the food and pharmaceutical industries, they can be a huge concern due to the impact they can have on consumer health.

GM pest control services has devised various methods to keep house flies abay.

Flies breeding

However, flies can be quite fascinating creatures. Their breeding, feeding and even moving habits are quite different from ours and can actually be quite interesting (well, for me at least!).

The good news is that house flies cannot bite, unlike mosquitoes, because their mouth is no more than a spongy pad. The bad news is that one landed right on my macaroni salad. Like most people, I shooed the fly away and went back to eating.

However, I pushed the food that the fly touched to the side of my plate and did not eat it. I also washed my hands when I went inside for there is no way to know where that fly had been, and where else it had landed.

Why am I so paranoid over a fly you ask? Because a house fly potentially carries twice as many pathogens as a cockroach, and they transmit infectious bacteria at levels high enough to be a significant public health risk.

As a matter of fact, many common infectious diseases, ranging from food poisoning to respiratory infections, are transmitted by house flies. Some of the most common diseases spread by the house fly are typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dysentery, food poisoning, and diphtheria, all of which can be serious if not treated promptly.

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