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Lava Dichlorvos 100% Pesticide 100ml for sale in Nairobi


lava pesticides in nairobi

Original lava dichlorvos for sale in Nairobi. The best pesticide that kills all crawling insects and pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies,bats etc, It kills in less than a minute.

Lava is an instantaneous pesticide that instantaneously kills all flying and crawling pests.
For coacroaches, fumigation causes them to die, and within five minutes, everyone would be gone.
In less than minute after inhaling the chemical, bedbugs pass away.

What it does

Lava moves while being choked.
The smells in the air, as well as the fumes from fog or steam from spray, are inhaled by the insect.
The chemical changes an insect’s respiratory system and paralyzes it, causing it to die.

mix-up speed.

Combine 10 ml with liters of water.
So, 200 Litres of water would be added to one litre.

safety guidelines

Wear gloves and, if feasible, an overall coat as well as protective gear to ensure that your nose, mouth, and eyes are completely covered.
when fumigating
Make sure any air inlets, such as windows and doors, are closed.
following fumigation.
To give the chemical time to clear and settle, lock the house for two hours.
Lava can be applied externally as well.
Flies, wasps, bees, snails, moths, fleas, etc.

Kungunil 200SL for sale in Nairobi

kungunil gm
Kungunil pesticides for sale in Nairobi/Kenya. One of the greatest pesticides for getting rid of bedbugs and cockroaches is kungunil. 
has no offensive odor 
It is long-term insecticide that has systemic effects. 
Since the water solution is quite transparent, when sprayed, it leaves no stains on surfaces. 
Use either sprayer or fogger to mix with one litre of water. 
When spraying, close all the windows and doors as well as other air intakes. 
It is very high-quality insecticide that consistently delivers. 
Can be used in homes, offices, hotels, and public transportation vehicles, among other places.

Bedlam for sale in Nairobi/Kenya

insecticide called Bedlam 200sl is used to manage insects like bed bugs, cockroaches, dust mites, fleas, lice, ticks, and other pests. 
It has no smell, is quite effective, and continues to destroy insects for several days after initial application. 
For difficult-to-eradicate pests like bedbugs, the lengthy residual activity makes it particularly effective.

A neonicotinoid that works well against a variety of pests is Bedlam 200SL. Both a quick knockdown and a protracted residual action are present.

Active Substance

200g/l of acetamiprid

The way acetamiprid affects the body is comparable to how nicotine does. Numerous synthetic pesticides are derived from nicotine, a natural insecticide.

Acetamiprid is a contact and broad-spectrum pesticide that kills insects by attacking their nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Specific Pests

Fleas and other pests that creep
Application Rate

To 1 liter of water, add 10ml of Bedlam 200SL and stir constantly.






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