Pest Control Services Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Fumigation and Pest control services prices in Nairobi Kenya varies from one company to another depending on a number of variables. For instance, it may depend on the type of pest service you need. Your location. The size of pest control to be done or the contracted pest control company among other factors.  Therefore in this this article, we are going to highlight some of the factors that pest control and fumigation companies consider during the pricing of services.

Fumigation and Pest control services prices in Nairobi Kenya

CRAWLING PEST (bed bug, roaches, ants, spider, flea14500.00
FLYING PEST( mosquitoes, bees, bats, wasp, flys, month
RODENTS (rats, mice, squirrels, moles, snakes
Per square meter25.00

How the Prices are Ditermined

First of all, fumiagtion and pest control  services prices in Nairobi Kenya depend hugely on the amount of pest management that will done.  Therefore fumigating a 3 bedroom house will cost you less as compared to a 5 bedroom. This will apply to all the other services as well. If it’s home pest management, the pricing may be done per squarer meter. This may mean that the more the size, the more the you will be required to pay for it.

But this is not always the case. Because it’s more likely that you will be guaranteed a discount from the pest control company depending on the amount of job you are offering them. Therefore in general, pest control services prices in Nairobi Kenya will be low depending on the amount of pest control that you want to be done. Also the amount of discount you will get from your contracted pest management company. As a client you can also negotiate for the pricing you get from your service provider. You can get a free quote here.

Secondly, the company you have contracted will have a great influence on how much you are going to pay. For instance well established companies who have been in service for a long time tend to charge more as compared to those who are still gaining entry into the market. It’s important to note that, high charges will not always translate to high level of services. A company that has been in the industry for a long time may charge high prices just because of the established brand name.

Elsewhere a relatively new company may charge low prices and also offer low quality services. There as a client you will have to choose wisely. Do some research about the company you want to contract. Find some testimonials and feedback about them online such as Facebook. This will help you to choose a company that has relatively good amount of experience in the field and also offer services at affordable prices.

Bottom line, just like any other part of the world pest control, fumigation services prices in Nairobi Kenya will vary greatly depending on the company you contract. But choose wisely.  Remember, a high price doesn’t necessarily mean quality and cheap is expensive.

Lastly, pest services prices in Nairobi Kenya are largely tied to the type of service you need bed bug pest control prices will be different from cockroach pest control services. Therefore depending on the type of service you need, be prepared to pay differently. Also, pest control and fumigation services in Kenya depend on your location as a client. If you are located within easy access areas to the pest control company or within the areas which the company has clearly stated they serve, you are likely to pay relatively low prices.

In conclusion, when checking the pest control services prices in Nairobi Kenya or in any other part of the world, go beyond just prices. Check the reputation of the company. What do previous clients say about them?  For how long have they been in business? Remember long period of service doesn’t add any value if they have complaints all over about their service delivery.

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How to get Rid of Bed bugs

How to get Rid of Bed bugs

Bed bug bites

Before we dive into how to get rid of bed buds, here is some background about bed bugs. Bedbugs are crawling insects that majorly feed on human blood especially at night. Bed bug bites. They   brown reddish in color and an adult bedbug is usually 4- 7 mm long. The breed at higher rate whereby an adult bedbug lays 300 to 500 eggs in a life span.

Bed bug infestation

Bedbug’s infestation in our premises both commercial and residential is not caused by lack of proper hygiene. It is rather through movement of people. Thereby a person can get bedbugs form one premise to the other through:

  1. Travelling mixture of luggage items such as bags and furniture
  2. Use of Public amenities such as Public service vehicles, Gyms, Restaurants, Churches.
  3. Hotels and lodgings that are frequently used by different individuals

Remedies to get rid of bed bugs

This majorly calls for pest control services to fumigate our premises on a regular basis. Fumigation can be done at alternate periods of 3 – 6 months annually depending on the type of premise or home.  For commercial bedbug Fumigation especially Hotels, Gyms, Lodgings, Offices, Supermarkets public service vehicles should be done on a quarterly basis.  For residential premises bedbug treatment should be done twice a year that is after every 6 months.

How to Identify Bed bugs and their eggs

We identify presence of bed bug infestation within our premises majorly through bug bites, rashes or blisters spotted in our skin. This is because bed bugs feed on human blood. This can cause allergic symptoms through the bites in our skin. But they do not transmit any infectious disease. Also their eggs are very minute and dust like size. They are very difficult to spot with naked eyes. This also makes it difficult to control and eradicate them on your own hence the need of specialized personnel to offer bedbug treatment professionally.

Natural bed bugs treatment

The best way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is to call an exterminator. They’ve dealt with bed bugs before and know how to do a thorough enough job to keep them from returning. An exterminator is your best bet, just to make sure you take care of the problem completely.

Our bed bug treatment methodology:

  1. Residual Spraying of bed frames Mattresses, bed linen, Duvets
  2. Clothing’s in the wardrobes and curtains.
  3. Crevice and crack in wall areas.
  4. Seats and Couches and Furniture within the premises.

After which the premises must be locked airtight for a maximum time of three hours for the pesticide to take full effect. Depending on the level of bed bugs infestation, a follow up service must be done seven days after the initial fumigation to ensure total extermination.

How to get rid of bed bugs naturally in your home

However, there are some things you can do at home to supplement a professional.

  1. Use hot water to wash all clothes, linens and anything fabric that may have contacted the bugs. Heat will kill anything hiding in your linens. Use a dryer to dry everything as well, because a dryer will hit the bugs with a double dose of heat. Just make sure you pay attention to the tags on the fabric, as your linens may be dry clean only. Dry cleaning can also kill bed bugs, but make sure you inform the dry cleaner of the possible infestation.
  2. Once you’ve given your bedding the heat treatment, follow up by vacuuming all areas of the infested room(s). Vacuuming will remove any bugs from the nooks and crannies in which they may be hiding. Use a brush to loosen all bugs and eggs. Make sure you clean out your vacuum thoroughly afterward and dispose of any vacuum bags outside of the house. Use a steamer on things like your mattress and box spring. Steam will take care of remaining eggs.
  3. Cover your mattress, box spring, and pillow in a completely closed bug-proof cover. Sealing up your bedding with a cover ensures that anything left will not be able to escape or feed and will eventually starve. Starvation can take up to a year, however.
  4. Spray them. After cleaning, you can now use a spray, in this case, a pesticide spray for bedbugs. Give special attention to areas where the bedbugs hide. You can use a simple hand-held sprayer from the market or improvise one.Avoid contact with the pesticide and remember to read and follow all instructions and label directions carefully. Dispose cans well and keep unused pesticides away from children’s reach.

Finally, prevention is ongoing. Clean often, checking for signs of a recurrence. The earlier you catch bed bugs, the easier they are to clean out. Inspect all used items that you introduce to the house. When staying in a new place, check that bed for bugs. When returning from a trip, clean everything you took, including your luggage.

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Why Choose GM Bed bugs Pest control Services in Nairobi Kenya

GM Fumigation is an experienced bed bug extermination company in Nairobi Kenya. We have had so many bed bug removal cases treated since we started in the business. Bed bugs are special pests that you need to understand before you can get rid of them. What better way to permanently eradicate them from your house than to hire the best company in the business right away!

We are the best bed bug control services company Nairobi has to offer, and we will get rid of bed bugs and other pests with the latest in extermination technology and makes sure that you get the following benefits:

  1. You can be sure that bed bugs exterminator techniques used are environment-friendly and will never be a menace to your health. You and your family can go back home without the worry about allergies and health problems.
  2. We are sure to make careful assessments first before they discuss the ideal bed bug treatment for your home. Services are 100% effective plus will also ensure that your home will be pest free for an extended time.
  3. Do you know that bed bugs are not just domestic problems but can also strike in hotels, dormitories, apartments, shelters and even clean hospitals? There is no telling if you are next in line when it comes to this menace. Pest control companies will also work to prevent this infestation and make your home bed bug free forever – You can count on Bed Bug Exterminator in Nairobi (the experts)
  4. Pest control services offered by us are the most efficient as well as the most practical. You can give us a call and we will discuss the best rate for our services. We have pest control packages and services that will help keep your home, business or even your vehicle bed bug-free.
  5. We offer discreet and secure services. We will guarantee that your secret is safe with us. Having bed bugs is not a sign that you have a dirty or yucky home since these pests live and thrive in blood. You are just a victim of a pest that will never give up that easily!
  6. We aren’t exactly the “cheap” extermination company, but we can provide a 100 percent solution to your problems. A lot of the time you’ll get a bed bug exterminator whose cost which is incredibly cheap, but they don’t do the job right. Don’t get suckered into that, hire us now and get the job done right!

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Pest control services prices in Nairobi Kenya

Tips for Choosing the Right Pest Control Services Company in Nairobi, Kenya

Evaluate Customer Reviews

One of the critical tip that will guide you in choosing the best pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya is the reviews. Before you contract any pest control company, it is important to inquire that you know how most clients who have used pest control services react. It is important to pay attention to customer feedback because it will help you to evaluate the best pest control company you should select. Therefore, assess customer reviews to know the best-rated pest control company you should hire.

Years of service

When you are searching for the right pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya, ensure that you pick one that has a good track record. Years of services means the company has done research and invested so much, but you should still be careful in choosing the best company. Research and know the records of a company that you are interested in. In other words, you are advised to look for the best company that will offer you with the exact services you need.

Right Insurance Coverage

In deciding the best pest control services company in Nairobi Kenya, make sure that you consider choosing a company that is adequately insured. You need to make sure that you are protected because pest control services may end up affecting you. In case an accident occurs, and you are dealing with a company that is not insured, then you will be asked to be responsible for all the damages that arise. Therefore, when you are dealing with the rightly protected company, it will give you extra peace of mind when pest control services are being carried out in your home.

Registered with the pest control board

Most pest control services company in Nairobi are in the business but have not registered with the right board. They purchase pesticide in the agro and just to the work. A company that is registered get instruction from the board on which product is approved on the market and give this company the latest and effective pesticide to use

Pest control and fumigation Pricing

Do not select a pest control services company in Nairobi based on price alone, an advertisement in the phone book or the “deal of the week” or “Discount” Be cautious of unsolicited sales pitches and never select pest control services just because your neighbor’s property is being treated or because there is “leftover spray from another job”. Ask for references and check them! Don’t be pressured into an immediate decision. No pest situation requires immediate treatment. Most of the time a delay of a few days or weeks won’t make any difference. Take time to gather information and make a good decision.

Choose a company with reliable customer service:

This applies to almost any industry, it is no less important. Companies with good customer service typically are companies that care about giving their customers quality service. If a company you are considering is difficult to contact, rude, or unprofessional, odds are they do not hold any of their staff to very high standards. As such, you could expect their treatment quality to be of an equally poor standard. So when making your choice for the pest control service company in Nairobi Kenya choose “Careand quality”

Choose a company with knowledgeable technicians:

Pest technicians are the core of any pest control services company. They will be the ones who are treating your home, and as such you want to work with a company that properly and thoroughly trains their technicians. Field technicians are supposed to be pest experts, and as such they should be able to answer questions about pests, treatment, and other related info.

While they may not have every answer, they should at least be willing to find out for you, and if the technician seems to be confused or untrained, they should not be treating your home. Beyond this, technicians are the face of a pest control services company, and therefore their appearance and mannerisms should represent the company well. If a technician is sloppily dressed or rude, it reflects that the company does not care to present a good face to customers, and therefore should not be relied upon.

We glad you took time to read through our article. Please feel free to drop us a comment and let us know what you think.