Mosquitos and Sandflies Control

GM fumigation mosquito’s pest control services in Nairobi understands how annoying the presence of this pest are. We use advance technology to eradicate mosquitoes in our homes and offices. Home remedy always prove to work for control mosquitoes but only for a while.

GM mosquitoes control uses advance chemical that have residual effect and long lasting results.

Depending with the infestation we use sprays and fogging machine to effectively control there infestation. Our technicians will first investigate its breeding area and careful destroy it.We apply the chemical strategically which upon the mosquitoes landing on the applied area will drop dead.

However due to its nature and surrounding environment we advise client that we do fumigation more often. Whenever you spot a mosquitoes quickly call a profession to eradicate the menace because mosquitoes breed fast and multiply very fast.GM services understand how to effectively control mosquitoes and you can count on us.

Mosquitoes spread diseases like Malaria, Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever, this makes them the most dangerous creatures on planet Earth.Zika virus is also transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.

For most of us they are just relentless pain, mozzie coils, citronella sticks and the use of repellant works okay so long as you don’t mind the smoke and pungent odour.

GM pest control services has a good method that enables you enjoy you space with a solution that will keep away mosquitoes from you environment while you have ample time with family and friends.

Mosquitoes thrive well in hot, wet weather in Kenya creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and midges. They are adaptable creatures and breed in watery environment from canals and swamps right through to our own back gardens in low lying areas, pot plant saucers, bird baths, rain water tanks, roof gutters, swimming pools and also any low lying areas of your yard.

Female mosquitoes require a protein meal of blood before producing eggs, which are usually laid on the surface of water, they go through several stages of development which is completed within a week, longer depending on the weather. Adult males are short lived whereas females live for several weeks and are the blood suckers of the species, the males feed mostly off plant secretions.

We cannot protect against mosquitoes and midges into your garden and homes however our misting treatment targets the areas they land and rest coming into contact with the chemicals, getting to them before they get you.

The extensive misting GM mosquitoes and pest control services in Nairobi do to your home creates an interception zone to deter flying mozzies invading you. We have been tried and tested and our clients are always happy about our services. Whenever you spot mosquitoes reach to us your most reliable and effective mosquitoes eradication service.

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