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GM pest control understand that ants can be nuisance that is why we had invested proper techniques and equipment to help our clients exterminate this pest completely. We first investigate the type of ant so that we use the most effective chemical to destroy them. Ants are basically anywhere in the house but mostly in kitchen area. Our technicians will have to discover their colony and destroying it and then strategically putting the chemicals. This tactics of control ants has always be a success for the GM family and always assure our client that they will never see the ants for a long time.

Because of its nature we advise our client on the precaution to take to avoid the occurrence of ants. When you discover ants in your house or office don’t wait contact GM pest control services and we will make sure that you ant’s problem is solved.

If you’ve seen a few ants scuttling around on the floor, they might be just having a look around. However, they might be the sign of a larger ant infestation. Unless an ant is bright red, most people probably don’t give much thought to seeing one or two ants scurrying around their home. However, you should. If those ants are particularly large, then you may have carpenter ants. The damage that carpenter ants can do can be quite extensive, which is why you’ll want to schedule a carpenter ant inspection the moment you think you might have them.

Army Ants

This type of ants are nomadic and very notorious for the destruction of plants and animals life in the path. The army ants of tropical Kenya travel in columns, eating insect and other invertebrate along their way. The colony tends to rest for serval days or week while the queen lay eggs. While travelling, the growing larvae is carried along by the workers

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ants aren’t going to bite the way fire ants do but they can cause thousands of dollars in home damage if the problem is not addressed. The thing about carpenter ants is that they are actually very beneficial to the environment. They chew up wood and turn it into fine sawdust, which eventually rots and becomes valuable compost used for environmental growth. Of course, you don’t want this to occur inside of your house.

Although carpenter ants cause damage to wood structures in a similar fashion as termites, they don’t actually feed on wood like termites do. Termites eat through wood because they feed on the cellulose that’s found in wood. Carpenter ants are just looking to nest inside of the wood. They are simply digging tunnels into decaying wood. Because they aren’t eating the wood, they aren’t going through it as quickly. It can take years for carpenter ants to do serious damage to your home.

But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about them. You should have the problem addressed right away if you think you have one. This is because it can be tough to identify that you have a carpenter ant problem, which means that by the time you do, they may have already been causing damage to your home for a long period of time.

Carpenter Ant Control

We can help identify whether you have a carpenter ant problem and how much carpenter ants damage has been done. Using this information, we will determine the best course of action to take in order to eliminate your carpenter ant problem and to help reduce the risk of having another carpenter ant problem in the future.

If you think that you might have carpenter ants in your home, be sure to schedule a carpenter ant inspection to limit the amount of damage that they may have already done. Contact us at GM pest  Termite & Pest Management to schedule a free inspection today.

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