Very helpful telephone staff and a most polite, pleasant young man dealt with my cockroach and bedbug efficiently. May be a bit more expensive than some local advertisers who just provide a mobile number and you don't know who you are getting, so to deal with a reputable, well known company, was money well spent as far as I am concerned

Patrick Njenga

Excellent experience with GM services earlier today. Super professional. Super efficient. Super nice. The customer service ahead of time was also top notch. Eric responded quickly and timely though the GM estimate request option and was super nice on the phone when I called to set the appointment. Really very good.My carpets and mattress are supper clean.Best cleaners in Nairobi

Kym Chris

These cleaners are amazing! I called them at 9pm and they showed up the following day! They are super professional and very accommodating. I needed office cleaning services in Nairobi and they got it done! which are typically very difficult to deal with. I am so satisfied with the work and the price was reasonable. They came on time. Effective, polite, professional, and affordable. I will be using them again!

Nimmoh Kamau

Excellent service, booked GM services Ltd online, obtained a quote within minimum time,I was in rush to get it done before my flight,
Left the keys with the estate agent, cleaners pickup the keys, cleaned the property and returned the keys back to the agent,
Received a emailed notification from agent to expect my return deposit with 7 days as the cleaning was done to a very high standards.
Very happy with over all experience.

Patrick Njoroge

This place is great,GM services, I ran a bar/venue that had a lot of foot traffic and people were ruthless in making some serious messes. During the time we were open we used GM services as our cleaning service. No matter what had happened that weekend they managed to make it look clean and beautiful the following day. The staff was extremely reliable and trustworthy and the prices were very competitive. Thank you GM SERVICES!!!!

Saib Mohamed

The men who did the job (Mark and Alex) called in advance to coordinate the time and were professional from start to finish. They put down drop cloths to move my couch (the only thing I have that needs this service) onto. They genuinely put in a lot of effort to work every corner of the couch, and Im sure at 3:30pm I was far from their first customer. Pulling back the cushions, stretching out the fabric, wherever appropriate. In addition to the effort, they were very well coordinated. Both men were doing things the whole time. My seats are clean as new and house the is free from pest for the fumigation and bed bug eradication they conducted.

I have zero hesitation recommending this company and these two men.