Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Mombasa

Looking for a professional fumigation company in Mombasa to offer quality, reliable and pest control services in Mombasa?

pest control mombasaWith more than 10 years of experience combined with our proven expertise, we are committed to providing pest control services at an affordable price, to battle these pesky invaders without you having to step onto the battlefield.

Pests are not welcome anywhere: not at home or our workplaces, be it office or restaurants. A pest invasion represents large potential costs for companies, especially those in the service industry. Our wide array of pest control services can be utilised anywhere in Mombasa, including residential, commercial & industrial property and trusted by countless companies and clients.

GM Mombasa pest control services: As everyone knows, pests including cockroaches, spiders, rats, houseflies, ants, lizards, silverfish, bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes search for a warm and comfortable spot to hide these days due to the changing weather. This essentially implies that they get into the house or structure and cause the occupants a great deal of inconvenience. These animals trespass on a variety of items, including wood, paper, and food items. Thus, as a homeowner or business owner, it may eventually lead to a great deal of issues for you. The only way to solve this issue is through pest control.

GM has extensive experience eliminating pests from businesses. In addition, they accomplish it quickly and safely without endangering you or your loved ones. Although you might be tempted to handle it yourself, the truth is that our expert pest control business can provide you with real security and peace of mind.

Fumigation in MombasaLicensed Business
Competent Employees
Eco-friendly Goods
Particularized Cleaning Schedules
Clear and Simple Prices
Results You Can Count On
Outstanding Client Care
Safety and hygiene: Our top focus is ensuring our clients’ safety and hygiene. As a result, every individual we bring onto our team must pass stringent quality control procedures so that their level of industry experience can be evaluated. In the unlikely event that our clients are not happy with the service, we are also able to visit their website again. Professionals with decade of experience: Our team of experts has great deal of expertise and is adept at solving problems. As result, they can handle pest control tasks with ease. Eco-friendly products: Whenever feasible, we utilize low-risk, safe products to provide you piece of mind and pest-free environment. Fast response time: Another benefit of working with our company is that we provide prompt response time so you won’t experience any issues.


At GM Fumigators, we utilise the latest pest control techniques and technology, and incorporate them with established traditions to practise the most effective methods of pest control.

Our specialised service personnel are trained and certified to provide the safest, most effective and cleanest pest control methods!

Once we leave, our only legacy is the absence of any pests. Otherwise, everything else will be exactly as it was before, without any hidden costs.

How do we work?

Once an appointment is made, our consultant will be on site for a free consultation or inspection as soon as possible. Once an inspection is conducted, our consultant will determine the best way to proceed before we begin removing these uninvited guests.

Our methods of treatment used by the company include mist fumigate; residual spraying; bin chutes fogging; adult control in case of mosquitoes; spot treatment; corrective treatment, insecticides; fly killers; larval control; chemical treatment for bedbugs; gel baits for ants and cockroaches; use of cockroach baits; and baiting program for termites and the use of rodenticides and trappings for rodents.

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