Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Nakuru

Are you a resident of Nakuru? Is your house or office infested by pests? Worry no more! Our pest control services in Nakuru team is here to offer you the most effective and efficient pest control services wherever you may be in you Nakuru. With our long term experience in the field of pests control, we have well trained staff who are qualified to clear pests from your home once and for all.

As an award winning company in pest control services in Nakuru, we offer you quality pests control services at affordable price, depending on the degree of damage caused by the Pests infestation in your home or office. Our charges are based on a one-time service or regular contract service. We are highly reputable for our transparency when it comes to our charges as we provide invoice and documents for references.

As the number pest control services in Nakuru, we understand the value of conserving the environment, we therefore use Eco-friendly chemicals and equipment to ensure that your family is protected from harm especially children. We use modern and technological equipment which do not cause further damage to your house or office as we eradicate pests on your property.

At GM Fumigators, we are professional Pest controllers in Nakuru and its surroundings and we go by the slogan, “eradicate pests in Nakuru county”. We offer quite a good number of pest control services in Nakuru, scroll down for some of our services;


Bed Bugs Control Services in Nakuru

Bed bugs are the most disturbing and annoying small animals you can think of when discussions about pests comes up in any conversation. Imagine coming from work all worn out, and all you want to do is lie down on your bed to rest, and it turns out you can’t have peace on your very own bed since bed bugs are completely dominating your territory. The good thing is that we are here as your “savior” from these nuisance invaders.

Since bed bugs are famous for laying millions of eggs quickly, we carry out two fumigation services in your home, two weeks concurrently. The first fumigation we destroy all the living bed bugs taking control of your house and after two weeks, we come back to clear all the eggs which for this period would have hatched. Our pest control team will also advice you on how to deal with this species of pests in case they ever reappear, which is almost a zero possibility.

Mosquitoes Control Services

The presence of Lake Nauru makes the area vulnerable to mosquitoes thus exposing the people of Nakuru religion to great dangers of malaria infections and deaths. The government of Nakuru has certified us to ensure that mosquitoes are entirely cleared from Nakuru to reduce malaria related complications and deaths in this county.

Since we have been given the responsibility of eradicating mosquitoes, we make sure that your home is a no-go-zone for mosquitoes. We clear all the bushes and drain all the temporarily stagnant water around your home, office or your any other business areas. Our experts are regularly trained on how to use fogging, modern insecticides and other Eco-friendly chemicals to kill the existing mosquitoes in your vicinity.

Termite and Ant Control Services

Termites and ants are controlled in pretty similar ways, since they both create colony in your house or office. As the number one termites and ants control services in Nakuru, we ensure these pesky harmful animals are entirely cleared from your house with the best tech know-how and modern chemicals which the last termites and ants in your house or office.

Occasionally termites have been referred to as “silent killers” since they can be already collapsing your beautiful costly house without you noticing, this is a good reason why you should immediately contact us

at the first spot of just one termite. Our dedicated team of experts carefully destroys the colony created by termites or ants followed by spaying chemicals to the destroyed colony since termites have a tendency of rebuilding the destroyed colony. Our pest and control team advices home owners on how to keep termites and ants’ pesticides in a safer location to prevent any accidents especially for families with young children.

Rodents Control Services

Rodents like rats, mice among others, are another group of pests which can cause so much damage to your home if not controlled in time. They not only destroy your properties, the heck! They also interfere with your food in your very own kitchen. Do not let rodents completely make your expensive couch, get in touch with us to deal with these glutton pests making your home or office theirs.

Before we arrive, we advise our clients to;

  • Empty all the rubbish cans in and around the house
  • Keep food tightly sealed
  • Set trapping baits for the rodents.

On arrival, our team of experts properly inspects the degree of damage caused by these pests and we identify all the holes which the rodents use to access your house or office. We block all the available holes in your house and on your compound as well. Afterwards we set modern trapping baits with chemicals places on each bait to completely destroy all the species of rodents dominating your home.

Cockroaches Control Services in Nakuru

Cockroaches can be really annoying if they infest your home, they can explore your bedroom, living room, toilet especially your kitchen. Interestingly these pests can even survive in your hot operational microwave. As the most top notch pest control services in Nakuru, we understand the degree of embarrassment these creatures can cause you.

As GM Fumigation and pest control services we restore your dignity by making cockroaches kiss your home a painful goodbye. We use environmentally friendly chemicals and modern equipment to exterminate cockroaches from your home completely. We also educate clients on how to prevent future reoccurrence of cockroaches from their compound which is almost to impossible after delivery our cockroaches control services to your home.

Snakes Control Services.

These are the most dangerous type of pests as they can easily cause disability or worse cause death by just one bite. Therefore, at whichever corner you are in Nakuru, do not hesitate to call us so that we can restore safety back to your home by completely chasing them away from your home or office premises.

Due to their poisonous nature, most pest controllers are not able carry out snake control services effectively, therefore your only key to eliminating snakes in your compound forever is us. Since snakes don’t like smelly environments we use chemicals with very strong smell to make them come out of their hidings and move to other grounds. We also spray your homes to ensure that all the eggs that might have been laid by the snakes are entirely destroyed to prevent them from hatching as this might lead to future reoccurrence of snakes in your home.

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