GM Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Kisumu

GM fumigation remains the best Pest Control Services Company in Kisumu. We are accredited company approved by Kenya Pest Control Products Board and NEMA. Wherever you are in Kisumu, don’t let pesky animals terrorize you, GM fumigators we’re just one call away from your rescue. We’re located in Kisumu, and our services are readily available to all residents of Kisumu town and its environs, ranging from Milimani, Lolwe, Migosi, Mamboleo to Kondele.

When contact us, we immediately send our pest examiner to survey the types of pests you want to be exterminated, and the extend of the damage. Afterwards, we determine all the requirements for the whole service scope; since our clients’ safety is our primary goal, our examiner directs you on how to prevent further spread of the pests in your house after the extermination process.

Bedbugs Control Services

If not controlled early enough, bed bugs can cause long-term insomnia to individuals because of the discomfort they bring along with their infestation of your bed. At GM pest control services, we ensure that bug bugs are entirely eradicated from your home by destroying all the present bed bags and destroying their eggs, and restoring your bed and your peace of mombasa 2

We use environmentally friendly chemicals to exterminate bed bugs in your house at least twice at an interval of two weeks due to their stubborn nature. Whether it is your home or office infestation, GM pest control services team of experts will visit pay you double visits, the first one to destroy the living bed bags and since these annoying pests are known for laying millions of eggs rapidly which are hutched in a fortnight, our next visit takes place two weeks from our first visit our main aim being the termination of all the hutched eggs.

Cockroaches Control Services

We employ the topmost techniques in sending cockroaches away from your home or office. We use recommended modern insecticides like sprays and gel, which is applied to services to destroy all the cockroaches that are bothering you. We mainly pay attention to areas that are too infested by these animals. However, we cover all the holes which might lead to a future infestation of these disturbing animals in your house or office.


Termite Control Services

Termites are often referred to as “silent destroyers” as they can be already one minute away from bringing your entire house or office down without you noticing any damage indicators. Termites are rather rampant in Kisumu since most of houses are constructed using reeds which contain high level of cellulose a major consumption product for termites.

At GM pest control services company, we ensure that your house or office remains strong and lasts longer by using unique baits and Eco- friendly chemicals to completely destroy termites’ colony. Our long term investments in resources and strategies geared towards eradicating termites in Kisumu, enable us to entirely clear these “silent killers” from your home or office effectively and efficiently. We carefully drill the colony created in your house or office by termites to prevent further damage to the house. We also advice our clients to keep off the areas where chemicals have been used on since the insecticides used to eliminate termites are harmful and can cause health related issues especially to children.

Ant Control Services

We understand how painful a bite from an ant can be very painful with persistent itchiness, therefore as GM fumigation and pest control services company in Kisumu, we have put in place several tactics to get rid of ants from your home completely. We carefully destroy the colony created by ants in your house especially the kitchen areas where ants seem to dominate without damaging your house any further.

Since ants have habits of reoccurrence, we educate our clients on how to safeguard their homes to prevents these small animals from invading their homes in the future. You don’t have wait for ants to completely destroy your house, reach out GM fumigation and pest control services company to recover your most valuable property from ants.

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