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Professional Fumigation and Pest Control Services In Nakuru.

Nakuru County and the neighboring areas receive top-notch pest control services from GM Pest Services. Since we have more than 10 years of experience, we know the best and most cheap techniques to get rid of all kinds of rodents and insects. Serving residential homes for more than ten years is our skilled staff. Since no two circumstances are the same, we use the most recent technologies available to develop a unique plan for each customer that ensures a resolution to every pest issue. Even the most difficult infestation is no match for our skilled professionals.

Total client satisfaction is our goal at GM Pest Services. In order to stay abreast of cutting-edge ideas and solutions, we are members of the Kenya Pest Control Association and uphold professional connections. Our AIB training demonstrates our commitment to safety and high health standards, and our IPM professionals provide local communities with services of the highest caliber.

The goal of GM Pest SERVICES is to offer reliable, prompt, and friendly pest control services. You may feel secure knowing that your house will continue to be free of pests and rodents because we are a licensed and insured business. To keep you safe, our company employs the most recent technology and procedures. Give us a call right away for a free estimate. Let our family keep the pests away from your family.

Bed bugs Control Services in Nakuru.

Our bed bugs control services Nakuru uses the latest technology to completely exterminate bed bugs and its eggs. Bed bug bite reactions might range from nothing at all to red, bumpy welts. We all respond to bed bug bites so differently, making it difficult to tell if red bumps on the skin are the result of bed bug bites. The majority of people barely react at all to their bites. Fortunately, bed bugs don’t appear to transmit any illnesses that affect people. Since domestic and international travel have been more and more common over the past ten years, bed bugs have been spreading at an alarming rate. Bed bug infestations can occur in lodgings, flats, homes, workplaces, and even motor vehicles. Sadly, there isn’t much that can be done to avoid catching these bugs. Because of their capacity for adaptation, bed bugs are becoming increasingly prevalent.

We are a committed group of skilled professionals ready to handle any size bed insect problem.
When it comes to all residential, business, and hospitality needs, we are the go-to bed bug eradication service. Calling our bug removal specialists in Nakuru can connect you with our prompt assistance for bed bug issues. Our crew prioritizes your safety while restoring the integrity of your interiors using alternative techniques and supplies.
We will create a personalized intervention plan that is appropriate for your property and the type of infestation.

Our services are very valued, and we provide a thorough quotation for each client’s requirements.

Cockroaches Control services in Nakuru.

Cockroaches immediately conjure up images of frighteningly destructive creatures that may readily infest homes and pose a health risk to everyone. You might believe that cockroaches can only be found in unclean environments, but let us assure you that they can also be discovered in areas that appear to be clean.
Rid Your current home for roaches
If you believe your house or place of business has a roach problem, act swiftly and appropriately to manage the problem. Cockroaches may harm children far too readily. It is advised for clients to start a professional inspection performed by a provider of cockroach pest control & removal services before to arrival, particularly if they intend to move into a new house or workplace.

Did you realize?
The cockroach can quickly build structures and congregate wherever food is kept. Additionally thriving in warm environments, cockroaches may readily pass through pipelines and hoses. Cockroaches must be completely eliminated since the droppings they leave behind can contaminate the atmosphere in your home or place of business and potentially lead to food illness.

How to Prepare

We advise turning on a light in dim areas to obtain a visual confirmation.

Additionally, search the food storage and under kitchen appliances for any dead cockroaches.

Along with that, you can also find their excrement in public areas.

Termites Control Services in Nakuru.

Get Rid of Termites Before They Ruin Your House
Everyone is aware of the serious harm that termites may do to your house or other property. They have the potential to seriously damage a property’s structure if not dealt with quickly. GM Services Nakuru. is successful at offering secure termite treatment services in Nakuru.

Termites are frequently disregarded as merely an annoyance, but if ignored for a prolonged period of time, they can soon grow into a serious hazard. Ants are a persistent group of pests, and if the problem is not resolved, they may potentially cause structural damage to your house or other building.

When you contact GM Pest control services in Nakuru, we start by doing a complete inspection of your woodwork to look for signs of termites in bricks, masonry, and woodwork. We accomplish all of this without harming the building in any way. Following this, new generation pesticides are used to eradicate the termites while posing no risk to human health or property.

Did you realize?

Termites are effectively removed by our highly qualified and experienced staff before they can harm timber construction or structures. We deliver a comprehensive termite treatment plan customized for your needs.

Snakes Control Services

Snakes are reptiles that may be found all over the world, inhabiting areas such as deserts, forests, marshes, meadows, and even bodies of water. Because they prey on other common pests like insects, amphibians, and small mammals like mice, most snakes that people come into contact with are benign or seen as useful. But some snakes are poisonous, and their mere presence endangers both people and domestic animals.


The snakes that may be found in Kenya grow to an average length of 3 feet and vary in size and color depending on the species. They may have a uniform appearance or show patterns along their bodies. Black, green, brown, red, yellow, and orange are typical snake hues. Venomous snakes typically have spade-shaped heads, such as the timber rattlesnake and the eastern massasuaga.

Snakes need constant sunshine to maintain their internal temperatures because they are cold-blooded animals. Therefore, it is possible to live in areas that experience extreme cold. Favored snake habitats include dry, rocky, and sandy terrain, as well as prairies, forested areas, and wetlands around ponds, streams, and lakes.



Snakes enter homes and yards much more frequently when there are few places to find shelter and food in their natural habitat. They can enter homes through openings in plumbing and electrical conduits as well as rips in window and door screens and foundation fractures. Snakes find the perfect places to hide and hunt on unmaintained lawns, while firewood, brush, and rubbish piles make good homes for the reptiles.

The majority of snakes are really harmless, and they actually run away from people. Snakes hiss, coil, and either strike or bluff at infringing parties when cornered. Even though it may be unsettling to witness, especially for small children and curious animals, no harm usually results from this. Nonvenomous snake bites hurt but have no long-term consequences. It is significantly riskier to approach snakes in locations where they are poisonous. If not carefully and promptly treated, their bites have the potential to be fatal.

Regulation Regulation and Safety
Different exclusion strategies aid in lowering the likelihood of running into snakes in residential areas. Close up any external building cracks that snakes could squeeze through. Eliminate weeds and tall grasses, and keep wood stacks far enough away from houses.

Trapping and Elimination
Even though the majority of the snake species in Kenya are not poisonous, they all have the potential to be dangerous to both people and domestic animals. Trapping them is risky since they attack when cornered. Specialists from Wildlife Management Services can humanely and safely remove unruly snakes from homes. Our experts are prepared to keep the public safe by getting rid of pesky snakes since they are qualified, prepared, and able to do so.

We can assist you in solving your snake difficulties. Dial 0721-979-781 now


Rat Control Services in Nakuru

Numerous unwelcome issues may arise if you notice a lot of rats or mice about your house or property. You can stop worrying right now. You may easily get in touch with the GM’Sand Nakuru most reputable rodent management firm. You can rely on GM to safely remove pests from your house and remove them from your mind as well.
We have experience dealing with all types of pests in Toronto as the undeniable leaders in the field of pest and rodent control service.

Typical rodents like mice and rats are among them. And there are other animals like squirrels, hamsters, beavers, porcupines, etc. that bring humans in residential areas all kinds of issues.


Fumigation and Pest control services prices in Nakuru.

CRAWLING PEST (bed bug, roaches, ants, spider, flea 1 4500.00
2 6,000.00
3 7,000.00
FLYING PEST( mosquitoes, bees, bats, wasp, flys, month
1 5,000.00
2 7,000.00
3 9,000.00
RODENTS (rats, mice, squirrels, moles, snakes
1 4,000.00
2 5,000.00
3 6,000.00
Per square meter 25.00

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