Pest Control Services Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Fumigation and Pest control services prices in Nairobi Kenya varies from one company to another depending on a number of variables. For instance, it may depend on the type of pest service you need. Your location. The size of pest control to be done or the contracted pest control company among other factors.  Therefore in […]

Best Pesticides and Other Agrochemical for Sale in Nairobi.2022

Lava Dichlorvos 100% Pesticide 100ml for sale in Nairobi   Original lava dichlorvos for sale in Nairobi. The best pesticide that kills all crawling insects and pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies,bats etc, It kills in less than a minute. Lava is an instantaneous pesticide that instantaneously kills all flying and crawling pests. For coacroaches, fumigation causes them to die, and within five minutes, everyone would be gone. In less than a minute after inhaling the chemical, bedbugs pass away. What it does Lava moves while being choked. The smells in the air, as well as the fumes from fog or steam from spray, are inhaled by the insect. The chemical changes an insect’s respiratory system and paralyzes it, causing it to die. mix-up speed. Combine 10 ml with 2 liters of water. So, 200 Litres of water would be added to one litre. safety guidelines Wear gloves and, if feasible, an overall coat as well as protective gear to ensure that your nose, mouth, and eyes are completely covered. when fumigating Make sure any air inlets, such as windows and doors, are closed. […]

GM pest control training in Nairobi

Best Pest control training Courses in Nairobi/Kenya.

Integrated Pest Management courses/training in Nairobi Kenya. GM offers Integrated pest management (IPM) training in Nairobi, Kenya. In modern agriculture, integrated pest management is crucial. This certificate, which consists of 15 credits (5 three-credit courses).The course work will cost 60,000.00 KHS for two weeks course involving theory and practical’s is intended to assist business man, […]

snakes control services in Kenya-GM

Keep harmful snakes away from your home.2022

Keep snakes away from your home Snakes: they’re scaly, legless, and probably not an animal you want to share your backyard with. Unfortunately, the things that make your backyard a pleasant place for you (shade, pretty landscaping, and maybe a bit of natural water) can also attract snakes. If you’re wondering how to get rid of […]

pest control services against bedbugs-GM

How to get Rid of Bed bugs

Bed bug bites Before we dive into how to get rid of bed buds, here is some background about bed bugs. Bedbugs are crawling insects that majorly feed on human blood especially at night. Bed bug bites. They   brown reddish in color and an adult bedbug is usually 4- 7 mm long. The breed at […]

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